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Each class will be divided into two groups, the Blue Group and the Yellow Group.  Each of these teams will be furthur divided in two teams, Blue 1 and Blue 2 and Yellow 1 and Yellow 2. At any point during the class each group may be doing different activities, but all groups will take part in every activity.  Please be sure to know which group and which team you are on.


Clinic Activities

Competitions & Awards

Ace Attitude Award -  An award will be given to the angler with the best all around attitude during the clinic.


Pitchin/Flippin Contest - During the week each angler will be individually coached on casting techniques and you'll have multiple chances to practice for the competition.


Most Improved - Our goal is to improve every aspect of fishing for the participants.  An award will be given to the most improved during the week.





Team Tournament

On Friday, all anglers will participate in a team tournament.  The rules are as follows:


1.  Two person teams will be selected from a random drawing.

2.  Each team has approximately 6 hours of fishing time.

3.  Team members must make all decisions concerning fishing.

4.  Each team will be assigned a boat, the boat captain is not allowed to coach anglers.

5.  All boats will launch from designated site.

6.  Boats must be back for official weigh-in at announced time.

7.  Checking in late will be cause for disqualification.

8.  There will be a .50 lb penalty for any dead fish.

9.  All anglers must possess a Louisiana or Texas fishing license, follow the link on

     our FAQ page.

10. Life vests must be worn at all times when boat motor is being used.

11. Trolling motors must be controlled by anglers.









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