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Bass Fishing Clinic - 2019

Boat Control

In bass fishing, placing your lure where it needs to be is crucial.  In order to do that you must be able to use the trolling motor to control the boat.  We'll give you some tips & tricks to do just that.

Frog Fishing

Frog fishing has become more technical and involved.  John Dean will show several varieties of frogs and techniques to use for each one.  He will cover seasonal pattens and color selection.

Worm Fishing

The most consistent lure made for fishing any situation is the worm.  Harold Allen will break this down and demonstrate time, place, & application techniques.

Lure Selection

This class well teach how to determine what type of lure to choose under any given conditions based on weather, body of water, cover & structure.

Angler Ethics, Attitude & Image

In the world of tournament fishing ethics, attitude and image could make all the difference in how far you go.

Grass Fishing

Grass is a predominant structure on most southern lakes.  The guide will show how largemouth use the grass, how to fish it, and how you can land a big one.


Reading Electronics

Understanding your electronics is essential to locating bass.  This class will educate the anglers on how to utilize information produced by marine electronics.

Fish Biology & Care

Knowing how to handle and care for the fish is important to all anglers & the lakes they fish.


Crankbait Fishing

In depth lesson on crankbaits. We will cover all the different crankbait categories, along with color selection, retrieve techniques,  and rod, reel & line selection

Knot Tying

How to properly tie the right knot for different fishing techniques.

Seasonal Patterns

Determining seasonal patterns is vital in locating & catching bass year round.


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